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Juliet discusses resiliency and includes excerpts from her podcast conversation with Eugene Robinson.
Juliet joins WBTV to discuss the impact of the Delta variant and the changing mask recommendations on our mental health.
We talk about what we can all learn from Simone Biles about prioritizing ourselves, setting boundaries, & attuning to our own needs.
Juliet shares her expertise on coping skills, along with input from local couples therapist, Deryle Hunter.
Juliet joins Charlotte Lately in their mission to celebrate and support the community by joining in conversation around what therapy is and why people can benefit!
Carrie is quoted in this article for PsychCentral about the use of EMDR for PTSD.
Carrie is quoted in this article for Thrive Global about tangible help we can offer friends!
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Juliet defines different types of stigma, discusses the shift in dialogue around mental health, and shares practical tips for how to help erase the stigma!
Southpark Magazine will be running a monthly feature in which Juliet will highlight a mental health topic. It will also include excerpts from the Who You Callin' Crazy?! podcasts.
Juliet joins Jamie Boll on WBTV On Your Side to discuss how we might cope with the loosening quarantine restrictions.
Juliet joined Alex Giles and Jamie Boll from WBTV for their podcast, Good Question, to discuss the impact of the pandemic on our mental health- lots of practical tips!
Juliet is featured in an article for Elemental/Medium about the impact of the pandemic on social anxiety.
Juliet discusses the impact of returning to school on kids' mental health.
Kayla and Juliet give tips for managing stress and continued anxiety even though the long awaited vaccine is here!
Juliet joins Alex Giles on WBTV On Your Side to discuss keeping our expectations in check as we continue to experience the pandemic/quarantine.
Colleen Odegaard's Wake Up To Your Life Podcast Episode 16
Juliet joins Colleen Odegaard (former TV host who is now a life coach) on her award winning podcast to talk all things anxiety!
Running Around Charlotte podcast
Juliet joins the Running Around Charlotte podcast to discuss body image, our relationship with food and exercise, and stress-relief tips!

Juliet joins Jamie Boll on WBTV’s On Your Side Tonight to discuss how to manage election anxiety: Click HERE to watch!

Juliet joins Eugene Robinson on Charlotte Today to discuss how COVID19 is specifically impacting college students and what they do to cope and what we can do to help !

Juliet contributed to an article for Charlotte Agenda about having difficult conversations during this political season. Click HERE to read.

Why people feel sad during the winter months? In this video, Juliet talks with Colleen on Charlotte Today about the signs and symptoms of seasonal affective disorder.
Juliet discusses how to live authentically in our social media world.
Juliet discusses relational aggression and how it impacts our kiddos.
Juliet discusses how we can approach New Year’s Resolutions and better prioritize our mental health!
Juliet discusses mindfulness and gives practical strategies on Charlotte Today.

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